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Dynese is amazing!

I had been looking for a facial in the area, and ran into The Skin Liaison on yelp. I have been having acne issues for 6+ months and seen that she specialized in acne treatment, so I kept reading

I got in contact with her, and wow! Her personality beams through her! She Is very high spirited and caring, with a firm handshake, that's how I knew she meant business. I scheduled my appointment, and was very excited as this is the first facial I've ever had,

Dynese was very informative on skin, skin treatment, and facial products. 
The facial was amazing! I felt like I had brand new skin! And I even see improvement after just a few hours. My friend told me I was "glowing"

I thank Dynese for her service and the comfort she made me feel. I hope to continue seeing her and her angelic touch.
Marciela M., Antioch, CA

I don’t want to say it out loud but I never get acne. I used to never go out without makeup because I was embarrassed but now I don’t have to worry about it. Well, I may get one or 2 here and there but not like before.
Isabel K., Oakley, CA

Dynese is an amazing Esthetician! If you are looking for an acne treatment, facial or sugaring she is the lady to see.  She has years of experience and is always current on the latest and greatest in her industry.
Jessica R., San Rafael, CA

Dynese at The Skin Liaison is truly the only person I will have sugar my body. She does a excellent job! I do a lot of fitness competitions and have to keep my waxing up constantly. Dynese is fast and pain free and that is so important when considering hiring someone to do this procedure for you. She is very passionate about her business and her clients. I used to work in the same facility as Dynese and can honesty say she has great customer service. 

She consistently researches products that are truly effective and going to make a difference for your skin. I use all her products. I get asked a lot what my secret to good skin is and I have to say if you use the right products faithfully,and watch out for the sun, anyone can achieve better skin. Having someone like Dynese help you achieve those results is even better because she will be totally honest with you and not sell you something you don't need. She attends many continued education courses which put her services on the cutting edge.

She has an automated scheduling system witch I find to be really helpful, it sends you an e-mail when your next appointment is approaching. Give her a try and I know you will notice a difference in your skin.

Noelle D., Brentwood, CA

I met a lady at my gym and I was taking about your face products versus the ones they use at the gym's day spa. She was excited to hear about your skin care boutique. I gave her your card and told her you were amazing and very knowledgeable! I hope she calls you!!!
Holly V., Oakley, CA

Really enjoyed my facial! My skin looks great and I was impressed by how much you know about skin care.

I truly appreciated my time spent with you-I do look forward to our next session. Thank you!
JoAnn R.

Thank you for such a great time. This was a gift for a friend and she loved it!! Very relaxing!!
Brian R.

Best facial ever! Thanks Dynese!
Teresa A., Antioch, CA

The Skin Liaison even does remote consultations! I received great products by mail that are making me look and feel wonderful. Any questions, just ask Dynese she will be happy to make excellent recommendations.
Joni W., Santa Cruz, CA

Thanks for carrying the best products EVER!!! My face thanks you! :))
Veronica R., Brentwood, CA

"I have very sensitive skin, not to mention acne-prone. I had been going to my dermatologist in Concord for years! I still could not figure out what was causing my skin problems:(
Then I found Dynese... and thank God I found her couple of months before my wedding day! I only did 1 facial with her (which was really relaxing, BTW) and gave me some home care products to use. And boom! My skin is clear and acne free! I had clear skin on my wedding day, and I was sooo happy! I recommend Skin Liaison for sure!!!"
Joyce P., Antioch, CA

"Dynese, thank you for everything! I don't know what I would have done without you! Thank you for helping me become acne free!"
Jaez Y., Antioch, CA

"I am so blessed to have found Dynese!  I have had acne since age 17. I have had several dermatologist prescribe oral antibiotics, creams, and even try injections. Still just scars left on my face and me with low self esteem.
Having been going to The Skin Liaison now for almost a year and I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the results. My skin has never looked better.
I get compliments all the time and my friends and family are amazed how clear my skin is. Not only does Dynese offer wonderful treatments she educates you on acne. If you have acne and are frustrated, look no further than The Skin Liaison. I must add too like most treatments they say it will get worse before it gets better, not with the Dynese, my face just got better!!"
Marie L., Brentwood, CA

"Dynese, thank you so much for my experience at your clinic. I can’t tell you how different my skin looks this morning. I couldn’t wait to look in the mirror and see what it looked like.
Whatever you did around my lip area made a world of difference. I now actually have an upper lip. I am completely satisfied and thrilled with the results I already see. Looking forward to using the products and seeing even more results. Thank you again."
Carla D., Brentwood, CA

OMG!! Thank you Dynese!! You are amazing and I am blessed to have found you! I had a facial done on Monday and my skin still feels renewed and rejuvenated. I felt so relaxed I feel asleep! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Annette W., Livermore, C

"Great to do business with someone that WANTS to be there doing what she does.  Dynese loves skin and it shows. I really was pleased with the results and the level of caring that went into my service."
Kim S., Antioch, CA

"Thank you so much for your time spent with Brittney.  Today she came home from school and she said several of her friends already commented on how good her face looked!!  She told me when we walked out of your place that you were a huge inspiration to her!  You are awesome Dynese!!"
Christine P., Antioch, CA

"I went to The Skin Liaison for a facial with Dynese. It was the BEST facial I've ever had, and I've had quite a few! Dynese is so meticulous and thorough with her there's no way you will leave unhappy. She is a genuine, kind person with a true gift! The facility is adorable, very comfortable and charming. I highly recommend The Skin Liaison to everybody!!!"
Ashley D., San Francisco, CA

"Dynese is very informative about the products. She gives you 100% of her attention. She is personalized to you with no interruptions.  Very clean and nice shop, I will definitely go back again. I would recommend her to all my family and friends."
Olivia O., Concord, CA

I have been meaning to get a bikini wax, yet I was hesitant to find a painless wax because I was so nervous. The Skin Liaison was a total life saver!!! Not only was I  able to receive a painless wax, I am now confident to wear a swimsuit in public. If you need a bikini wax to enjoy a nice summer day in a swimsuit The Skin Liaison is the perfect and painless place to go.
Marie L., Brentwood, CA

"Dynese gives the most amazing facials and does the best eye-brow wax in town! My skin was glowing for weeks after getting a treatment from her. Her new shop downtown is very nice and she is very knowlegable about all things skin-care. She is also fun to chat with during my appointments. Thanks Dynese for great service!"
Nicole B., Walnut Creek, CA

"I woke up this morning NOT in a great mood. By the time I got to my appointment I was not happy. As soon I as I walked into the boutique, I was met with soothing music,  a calming aroma and a friendly face. I immediately felt at ease. Dynese has a way of creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. I only had an eyebrow wax, but it was the best eyebrow wax I have had!  I will be scheduling my facial soon!  I left a happier person."
Carmela H., Concord, CA

"Dynese is great....she is extremely knowledgeable and personable with her clients. She has great suggestions to help with your skin issues and her room is very tranquil and clean.  I have had facials before on a one time basis, but am definitely a returning client now!!!"
Melissa K., Brentwood, CA

"Dynese is absolutely superior. It was my first time getting a facial from her. It will not be my last. It was the best facial I ever had. The best way to describe it is a delightful feeling of different texture applications to my face one after another of different products and machines. I thrillingly anticipated the next application. My face was tantalized as if getting the best well needed meal it ever had.  I was stressed, she got me to relaxed and that in itself was a miracle.
Anyone who can get me to checkout and be quite is worth me recommending. She is a must use. My skin never looked better.  I got so many compliments on my skin glowing that I did not wear makeup all day. I just handed out her cards."
Angrett D., Antioch, CA

"I got my first Brazilian wax here, I was very scared but Dynese was awesome! She made me feel very comfortable and the way she has it set up gives off a very calming vibe throughout the entire room. She was very fast with the actual waxing part so it was not as painful as I thought it would be. I was very happy with the results and can say that I will for sure be returning for more waxing and I plan on getting a facial done very soon."
Erika D., Antioch, CA

"I had "The Best Facial", at the Skin Liaison!  I have had many facials in my lifetime,  but this was the first one I really felt that I was going to get true results in fighting fine lines, acne prevention and lessening of hyper-pigmentation. Dynese also provided me with pre & post- education about the facial she provided and education about the product line she has decided to carry. I also appreciated that Dynese valued my time by providing excellent customer service by being on time with my scheduled appointment.
Dynese has good energy about her and this rubs off on her clients. You can definitely tell that she loves what she does for her clients. I live in Danville and I definitely drive to Brentwood to get more of, "The Best Facial" by Dynese."
Alejandra B., Danville, CA

"My parents recently moved to Brentwood from the bay area. I was trying to find a place for my mom to have a facial a few days before my brother's wedding -a very special day! I called a few places etc. and then I found this place. I liked how Dynese (hope that is correct spelling) answered my questions etc. So I booked the appointment. Well my mom was really impressed, she got an excellent facial and the much needed relaxation.
I have not met Dynese yet as I don't live in the area, but my mom was so happy with the treatment she got. She also found Dynese to be a wonderful person. My mom looked radiant & great at the wedding -Thank you Dynese, hope I will get a chance to have a treatment myself soon."
Dr. A.B., Palo Alto, CA

"I visited The Skin Liaison and was very impressed with how efficient and detailed Dynese the owner was when doing my brows.  I am very picky because I am in the industry but from the bottom of my heart, this girl knows exactly what she is doing.  My brows looked amazing! They lasted for a long time too.  I feel that the best thing about TSL is the warmth that Dynese brings to the establishment. You can tell she really cares and she make you feel comfortable and you want to stay for more treatments.
Dynese is not someone who just gets you in and out, she will get to know you in and out and meet your specific need.  I would tell any of you out there who are looking for a great esthetician, go to TSL.  Also, it's SUPER  clean. None of that dirty double dipping wax crap! She's the real deal!"
Veronica J., Sacramento, CA

I found Dynese off of Yelp last minute and it was a wonderful experience. She really has passion for what she does, and it shows through her work. I truly appreciate people who take pride in what they do. I received a classique facial from her and I can't wait until I go in again!
Sahar T., Walnut Creek, CA

"Ladies, let me tell you that the experience of being pampered by this beautiful women is almost like being in heaven. I am a black women who suffers from adult Acne! The treatment I received has not only made my skin feel incredible it also works on those nasty soldiers I call (wimps), the pop up on your skin and kill your self esteem. No more, Dynese and her products are the Bomb! Come in get pampered and, look Great!!!!

Today I had a manicure & pedicure. The lotions and creams the were used are top of the line. This woman has her stuff together so stop in an give her a P. U. S. H., pray until something happens, that her business grows in the days weeks and years to come."
Rechelle V., Oakley, CA

"For anyone who is hesitant or unsure of where to begin with skin treatments, massage, or waxing, I would strongly recommend Dynese. She is warm and friendly and does an outstanding job explaining what is needed, why it is needed and walks you through her detailed expertise. I particularly love her detailed brow work. Dynese is passionate about her work and that makes me feel like I am getting the best. Dynese has a special talent of getting to know her clients and that makes it even more special! Thank you, Dynese!"
Bryce C., Brentwood, CA

"Dynese, I loved my facial! I would recommend any of you ladies who are my friends to treat yourself to a facial. Relaxing & peaceful! If you haven''s a piece of cake and feels like heaven! Dynese is patient, incredibly knowledgeable best of all, she is sweet, caring, treats you like a Queen! I highly recommend her. Also, she specializes in skin treatments for those of us aging women and for us who have children with acne. Love her. She also does pedicures. And my toes look Marrrrvelous!!"
Vickie A., Antioch, CA

"Dynese is very personable and professional. Very knowledgeable in her field. Basically, she cares about your skin personally. I had a massage and facial. Boy, did I feel wonderful afterwards. I attended the same mini spa party as Shannon S. and what fun fun it was. Oh yeah, the nail polish I bought was great. I love them. I look forward to the cucumber slices for my eyes.  Hint! You rock Dynese!"
Roberta F., Fremont, CA

"For anyone looking for great advice on skin care, nearly painless waxing (Dynese has a great technique!), or massage services, this is the place to go! I recently had a mini spa party, and Dynese was awesome. We enjoyed the day with wine, munchies, and lots of pampering services. I can't say enough about Dynese and her knowledge and her professionalism, As long as I live near her and she doesn't go anywhere, there is no other place I will visit to have those services!"
Shannon S., Discovery Bay, CA

"I have used Dynese's services twice so far, and am looking forward to using her again. The facial was amazing, relaxing and I can't wait for my next one."
Michele L., Discovery Bay, CA

"Dynese thank you for making me feel so wonderful!  I truly appreciate your knowledge and dedication in your work."
Alice C., Brentwood, CA

"Thanks for the GREAT service!! Dynese is a GREAT waxer."
Angela M., Discovery Bay, CA

"Thank you for the best experience!! What a fantastic birthday gift!!!!"
Jona D., Oakley, CA

"Dynese is dedicated to what she does, and only wants to give you the very best. You will be sure to enjoy your experience with her."
Teralind G., Brentwood, CA

"Today I visited the Skin Liaison in Brentwood. I should preface this review by saying that the owner/esthetician is a longtime friend with whom I've reconnected with in the last few years. So while I may be slightly biased, I can honestly say that I'm being quite objective with what I have to say. For the short version, it was the best facial experience I've had...for the long detailed version....see below.

So, here goes.

Of course, I was welcomed with a hug and the effervescent personality that is Dynese. She is a natural at making people feel comfortable. [She may not hug you, but you will be greeted with a friendly hello!] I was offered a bottle of water (icey-cold, or semi-cold) and she provided a nifty little half-robe to put on. Her suite is quite large and has a reception desk when you walk in, while the treatment area is to the left with curtains for privacy when you change. There is also an area to the right that looked to be a nice lounge or waiting area.

OK, Anne, get on with it...
The facial she recommended based on reviewing my completed intake form would help my hyper-pigmentation and overall brightening and tightening of my skin. She said I was lucky to have such nice skin at our age (in our 40's) which I replied, thanks to my mother's good skin genes! She began with two cleansings, the 2nd with a brush to really clean deeply and start some exfoliation. There were many layers to come which was great--exfoliant polish, extractions (only a few!) acid for "peels", collagen, and sunscreen of course. She used a tool that helps with the exfoliation (sort of like a spatula) as well. The entire time, my eyes were covered with cool pads. The warm towels are lightly scented with your choice of essential oils to help relax you as she removes the cleansers and exfoliant.

Once she finished with the facial, I received a little extra neck and shoulder massage (I had a slight headache before I arrived) to help relieve some tension. Not sure this is part of every facial, but just wanted to add this because Dynese has great hands for massage. She is not only an licensed esthetician, but also a certified massage therapist. And as someone who has also been trained in Swedish massage, I can definitely say she has great skills here too.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, being pampered by a good friend who really cares about skin. Dynese keeps herself educated about new technologies, products and techniques to bring you the best experience possible. She passes along this information to her clients to ensure that  you have the right information on how to care for your skin today and in the future. 

You can tell she loves what she does. She gave me good information and suggested that as I use up my current products to begin purchasing higher quality products (but didn't try to sell me on a whole new skin care line) that will have more of the important ingredients than those found in Macy's or Walgreen's. Go see The Skin Liaison and tell her Anne sent you!"
Anne de L., Fremont, CA

"Dynese is a GEM. I have had two treatments and was fully satisfied with both. The pedicure was so relaxing.  I was a little disappointed that she didn't have one of those massaging chairs, but after just a few minutes I didn't miss it at all.  It's been three weeks and my toes still look great.
Today I had a facial. OMG!!! Awesome does not describe it. I will definitely go back."
Margie P., Discovery Bay, CA
"I HIGHLY recommend Dynese at The Skin Liaison!  She knows what she's doing!  She's very educated in skin care and has your skin concerns & interests at heart. Beautiful, PRIVATE, quiet and relaxing spa atmosphere. Quality treatments as well as great results!"
Josette G., Brentwood, CA

"5 stars does not do justice to The Skin Liaison.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the waxing is great.  Very professional and clean.  No double dipping either!!! I would recommend Dynese and The Skin Liaison to anyone. Trust me, when I say all the hair is removed - all the hair is removed!!!!!"
Leslie F., Oakland, CA

"After my first treatment at The Skin Liaison, I was HOOKED!!!!! It was the most relaxing spa experience I have ever had!! I have been back several times and have never been disappointed. Recently my 15 year old son who models had a terrible acne outbreak. I called Dynese and asked if she could help. The next day he had an acne treatment and a facial. Within a few days his skin was clear!!  His friends were amazed at how clear his skin has become thanks to Dynese at The Skin Liaison. I would recommend her services to any one! You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!"
Marina D., Brentwood, CA 

"I went to The Skin Liaison on Saturday and it was so much more of what I expected, I had a massage, facial, pedicure & manicure and it was the best I have ever had. I would recommend it to any one!"
Gladys G., Antioch, CA

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